Paloma Creek Swim Lessons

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Swim 380 is excited to announce, that after contined success, we are continuing on with our Group Swim Lesson Program!! Please look over our policies and course guidelines. If you have any questions feel free to email, swim380@outlook.com or call Coach Justin, 214-597-3399.

Session I — June 5 – June 15
Session II — June 19 – June 29
Session III — July 10 – July 20
Session IV – July 24 – August 3

little girl hanging on the side of the pool

This class is for kids ages 3 to 4 years old. In this class we will focus on pool rules and safety, as well as proper entry/exit into/out of the water. Students will also work on bubble blowing, floating, submerging, and bobbing. Kids will learn to kick on the wall, kick using a kick board, and kick being supported by an instructor. This class will also work on students jumping into 4-5ft water feet first to an instructor. Pre-beginner is designed to introduce young preschoolers to swimming. If a swimmer is more advanced, instructor will teach skills necessary for their ability.

girl under water two thumbs up

This class is an intro into the basic skills necessary for swimming. This class will begin working on basic breath control, proper kicking and arm stroke(Freestyle). We will also work on floating, gliding, and begin introducing backstroke. Our goal is to have students able to swim basic freestyle, breathing in front, unassisted to the instructor. We will also work on having the students jump into the water and swim to the side unassisted. If swimmer is more advanced, instructor will teach skills necessary for their ability.

kid swimming under water

This class will build on basic swim skill. We will refine technique on freestyle, as well as introduce rotary breathing. This class will also focus on backstroke arms and legs. Students will learn to roll from freestyle to backstroke in midstream, in effort to focus on safety in the water. This class will also introduce elementary backstroke as a stepping stone in learning the breaststroke kick.